About the Photographer

Raised in the media-saturated neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Windy got her start in photography early with an opportunity to work with local professionals. Immediately comfortable behind the lens, it became a way for her to explore the buffer of experience between herself and the subjects of her camera to document people and the world as they are. She completed formal training in photography in 2009 and broadened her education into photojournalism in 2011, integrating new skills in reporting and layout design. During this period she initiated the freelance work that would come to define her career; in education, for local musicians, and with head-shots for models and actors. After finishing her time in Los Angeles once more, she embarked on the first of two life-changing trips to India-once in 2010 and again in 2012 as spiritual journeys of self-discovery which also heralded a deepening of her craft as she captured images of life on the streets of India. In 2013, back in the US, she pursued a new-found passion in self-portraiture. With her expertise and experience within the field of mental health, Windy currently uses photography as a therapeutic tool, as well as mindfulness practice for both herself and those that find themselves on the other end of her camera. Windy currently lives in New York, NY where she immerses herself in a study of the human spirit through photography.